Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Me and the sun

I've always had a complicated relationship with the sun. Until recently, it'd always meant discomfort: being too hot, too sweaty, not having the right clothes, not being able to wear my favourite clothes, which are all only suited for the other three seasons. The pressure to wear less and show more is not to my liking.

My other half is the total opposite. As soon as the sun comes out, he wants to be out there, basking in it, even if really, it's still a bit too cold. As soon as he gets home from work in the evening, if the sun is out, the first thing he does is go out onto the balcony with a drink and spend some time with his eyes closed and face towards the sun. He's not into tanning, if that's what you're thinking. I think it just nourishes him, renews him. He's always talked to me about its health benefts, its mental benefits, its association with lightness and fun. I've always listened, but always with a slightly bratty scowl - I, after all, know best.

But I'm starting to think he's onto something. I've started to hope for a bit of sunshine before I get out of bed in the morning. I've even moved around the furniture in my studio so that my desk is under the window - when I'm in there on a Monday and Tuesday, I now get sunlight all day right in front of me, and at around 4pm, the sun swings around to the west side of the flat and I get a bright, white streak of it splattered all over my desk. I'm finding this to be glorious. Who would have thought it. I'm sitting here now, with the warm sun on my face, neck, my chest, my bare arms and it feels amazing. What would happen if I actually went outside, directly under it?

It's funny how personality and proclivities towards certain weather often match. I think I am more naturally downbeat, mellow, quiet, with a strong streak of obstinance (or passion, as I like to call it) running underneath - it's probably no surprise then that my very favourite weather is a storm: the slow build up, the sudden rise in temperature, the feeling of a stillness, the first flash of lightning then the clattering thunder and torrents of rain that follow. Heavy rain is my friend. But lately I'm starting to let the sun make a little cameo here and there. Maybe soon I'll start seeing rainbows.

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  1. I'm glad that you're getting into the sun. Maybe now you can cheer up, ha ha. Just kidding, lovely Klay. I never find you downbeat, though I am aware of a certain depth of thought and possible shadow below the surface. I love your room, I want a little studio/office thing to sit in and be organised and write or draw in. Or make things in. But all I have is a horribly chaotic bedroom with half-started, half-finished projects all over the floor, which is itself only underlay - the previous owners took the carpet with them, and we've not yet done what we're going to do with it.

    The rain has come as a great relief to me, the thirsty garden is soaking up everything it can get, and rain has called off play, so I am allowed to get jobs done around the house. The nasty overdue jobs such as my accounts, and chasing up a refund from Aviva Insurance...

    Better get back to getting something done then. Am missing your posts, please update us on what you're up to in quaint old Hove... :D xxx