Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Making and unmaking

I'm crocheting something with leftover balls of white, cream and grey 100% wool. All the balls are one-offs, none quite match perfectly, and I kind of like that. I'll show you what it is when it's finished. All this crocheting makes me think about starting a knitting project so that it's ready for winter (as I have absolutely no doubt that's how long it will take to knit something useful). But for the moment, I'm really into crocheting. I find it more soothing than knitting - maybe it's because it's only really about the flick of a wrist, or maybe it's because I can see results quickly. I know that last part is very satisfying, and necessary, at the moment.

Things are in flux for me right now. Old ways are being phased out, new things are on the horizon, but still just out of view. I'm stretching my eyes as far as I can but I know that it's only patience and time that will really reveal them to me. So in the meantime, I crochet, I draw, I paint. It helps.

1 comment:

  1. Miss you Kellee. What'll it be? What'll it be? WHAT'LL IT BE?!!! That's a beautiful photo, by the way, you have a real talent I reckon! :)

    Why don't you come and stay with me under the pretence of teaching me to crochet? Quick, before the Squigster pops out and takes over my world! xxx